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29th May 2017

Are You Looking For A Photographer Or Videographer In Birmingham?


Welcome to Dean Mitchell Photography, a hub of refined craftsmanship and creative vision. Situated in Birmingham, we uphold a standard of excellence that resonates through every aspect of our work. With a distinguished presence in The National Portrait Gallery in London, our portfolio reflects a commitment to mastery in both photography and videography.

At Dean Mitchell Photography, we specialise in capturing the essence of life through our craft. From the dynamic energy of lifestyle scenes to the evocative appeal of food photography, our portfolio showcases a dedication to crafting imagery that engages and inspires.

What sets us apart is the collective expertise of our team. Under the leadership of Dean Mitchell, a seasoned industry professional, we unite a group of skilled photographers and videographers. This collaboration allows us to seamlessly integrate photography and videography services, ensuring comprehensive visual storytelling for our clients.

Beyond our Birmingham base, we extend our services globally through a trusted business partnership in Cape Town, South Africa. This collaboration provides clients with access to full production setups in warmer and sunnier destinations, enriching their creative possibilities.

Our creative journey extends beyond the studio, embracing diverse outdoor settings to infuse each project with unique atmosphere and character. From urban landscapes to natural vistas, we adapt our craft to suit any environment, consistently exceeding expectations.

Whether you’re a business seeking captivating commercial content or an individual with a vision for compelling visuals, Dean Mitchell Photography offers expertise, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. We transform concepts into realities, ensuring that every photograph and video reflects the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Discover the difference that precision, creativity, and professionalism can make in your visual storytelling journey. Partner with Dean Mitchell Photography, where your vision is our mission, and excellence is our standard.

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