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One of the few essentials things for a great portrait are a good photographer, a good equipments and tons of experience that will help the photographer infuse life in the picture. This is exactly what we do at Dean Mitchell Photography. With Dean Mitchell Photography, we make sure that every picture we click for you, brings that moment alive everytime you look at it.



14th July 2022



1st July 2022


29th November 2019


29th November 2019

Colorful food photography

Colourful Bananas

29th November 2019

Modern Bathroom

29th November 2019

Style Library

29th November 2019

photo studio Birmingham


29th November 2019

portrait photography Birmingham


25th August 2017

Portrait Photography Birmingham

If you are looking for a portrait photographer Birmingham to give you portraits that are an exact replica of your demeanor and personality, then Dean Mitchell Photography is the right place for you. Whatever be the type of portrait you want, whether professional or personal, we will give you the best shot possible. Portraits that are speaking volumes about your life are meant to give life to the pictures, and this is what we have been giving to our clients.

Photo Studio Wolverhampton

Photography is not just about having a good camera and basic skills. There is much more to it. Along with good photography skills, having a well equipped studio is also crucial to give you the best shots. At Dean Mitchell Photography, not only will you be having our immense experience and best of skills at your disposal, but also we will be doing the photoshoot in our photo studio Birmingham which is equipped with all the latest technologies, all the helpers that you would need during the shoot and a warm atmosphere to make you feel comfortable so that we can extract the best shot.

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Photographer Birmingham UK

Finding out the best in Birmingham photographers is not an easy task especially when the pictures you want must be impeccable. At Dean Mitchell Photography, not only do we have the best skilled photographers, but also the experience they have suffices your demand of getting the best pictures. Our photographers are very much capable in giving you the best shots inside our photo studio as well as creating fabulous portraits in outdoor settings as well. Whatever is your demand, we will fulfill it at all costs.

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