In the era of social media, businesses must do everything to make their presence felt across online platforms.

In a food business, videos and photos on social media also play a crucial role in engaging your customers and luring them to come and eat at your restaurant. 

But you must hire a professional for food styling and photography to have such tempting food photos. They will make your food look extremely delicious and appealing to your customer’s senses. 

However, finding a genuine food photographer can be a task in itself. That is why we decided to put in the hard yards and compiled a list of four tips that will make your search easy and smooth. 

Let’s take a look at them:

1.Inquire about their experience 

Food bloggers on Instagram and Facebook have given tough competition to professional food photographers lately. 

With high-quality mobile phone cameras, taking a few tempting clicks is no longer a big deal. 

That is why you need to find someone who can give a different meaning to your food photos and make them look better than your competitor. 

Only an experienced food photographer who adapts to changes and understands the current trend can make you stand out of the queue. 

So, ensure that your food photographer has at least 3-5 years of experience in the field. 

2.Inquire about the total cost.

Food photography and styling are two different skills. A photographer can either style the food themselves or hire a food stylist to do the styling job. 

Much creativity goes into arranging the food perfectly to make it look appealing and tempting. That is why some food photographers charge separately for photography and styling. 

As a wise business owner, you must look for one that can do both jobs in a combined service. 

3.Inquire about the photoshoot setup.

Once formal inquiries are out of the way, it is now time to discuss your setup. Ideally, food stylists suggest the lighting, props and arrangements they would want for the photo shoot. 

Often a photographer in Birmingham would choose your restaurant to be the ideal photoshoot location. However, you can choose to get it done in their studio as well. 

Sharing your insights alongside taking theirs is paramount for mutual consensus and a perfect photoshoot. 

4.Inquire about their past projects.

Since you are choosing an experienced food photographer, they must have some of their best projects to show you. 

Food photographers are more than happy to show what they can do for you in this social media age. Instagram is the best social media marketplace for food photographers to show creativity.

Ensure you ask them beforehand for their social media handles and client testimonials to look at their past work.

Final Thoughts

Food is one thing that never stops trending. Luring customers is not a big deal if food businesses can do the marketing process right. 

 Having a tempting photo collection in your restaurant’s digital menu is paramount in the age of social media. 

So, hire a quality food photographer today and get your restaurants amongst the trends.


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