On the surface, most people think that interior photography is a simple matter to cope with. However, it’s not the case when it’s a matter of Taking good-quality pictures with the correct technique and exposure. Therefore, the reality is far from what the general public think about interior photography.

There’s no denying that in this digital age, interior design photography can either make or break a sale. If you can showcase your property in the best possible manner, then you can expect to attract prospective buyers. But, any lack of good-quality pictures may hinder that capability. Therefore, professional interior photographers face a lot of pressure and obstacles when carrying out their tasks. To help you get an insight into interior photography, we’ll be discussing some of the major challenges faced by interior photographers.

The Challenges Faced By Professional Interior Photographers

  1. Maintaining The Proper Dynamic Range

One of the biggest challenges that most interior photographers have to face is maintaining the correct dynamic range for their shots. For instance, if the photographer exposes for the windows, the room will appear dark on the viewfinder. Alternatively, if the photographer exposes for the room instead of the windows, then the room will be over-exposed and will look brighter than usual.

Even though professional photographers can opt for studio lighting to brighten up the entire room, it would still turn out to be more time-consuming and perhaps more expensive to the client. Moreover, it’s extra work that the photographer might find challenging.

Solution: Professional photographers easily solve this problem by using the bracketed exposure technique. In this technique, the photographer takes around three to five shots and then merges the images in post-production. As a result, the photographer can extract the dynamic range of each scene by only altering the overall exposure value of the photos and thus a single photo is obtained that’s very well-exposed.

2. Interiors That Remain Cluttered

According to a professional photo studio in Wolverhampton, almost every property owner out there has clutter in their homes. However, it’s the last thing that you want to showcase in your photographs. Most property owners feel that if there is clutter in their home, then the photographer will take care to remove this from the scene. But, in reality – clearing the clutter falls into the hands of the owner and not the photographer.

Useless clutter around the house greatly impacts the overall production of a professional interior photographers shoot. This is because photographers not only have to organise everything for the shoot but also declutter the space. Without decluttering, high-quality interior photos cannot be obtained.

Solution: Property owners have to take up the additional responsibility of decluttering their interior space for the photographer to do their job to a professional standard.


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