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Lifestyle photography typically depicts artistic or creative moments of everyday life through images that express a story or a moment in time. This is more than just candid shots from the hip; it’s more about recording a celebration, a relationship, a mood, a feeling or real moments that can, among other things, sell a product, accompany an article or illustrate an on-line blog.

Digital SLR cameras drove the recent rapid growth of lifestyle photography, by allowing photographers to capture shots without the worry of limited film frames and high developing costs. What’s more, the smart phone and beautiful but simple-to-use apps like Instagram have made lifestyle photography more accessible to the layman too. Anybody who has a phone can shoot very appealing lifestyle images now. This candid style has had an impact commercially and is currently in vogue, with advertising agencies, stock libraries and individual companies creating a market for high end, high volume natural lifestyle images. And the popularity of these lifestyle images doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Lifestyle Photography Tips

I really feel at home shooting lifestyle photographs, and it seems I have become quite well known for the natural feel of my images and my relaxed approach to working with real people – Take a peek at the portfolio page for a few samples of my lifestyle photography work! – From pregnant women using smart phones to adults with learning difficulties, from senior men enjoying a pint to skilled professionals carrying out their duties in their workspace – all aspects of everyday life are here….

N.B. Lifestyle photography isn’t all about shooting real situations or recreating real life moments, as skilfully crafted portrait images fall into the ‘lifestyle photography’ category too.

love working with natural light but there’s nothing quite like the control you get when working in a studio setting. I’m fortunate enough to have a 4000sq ft studio attached to my office space, which means I have everything on hand for a calm and controlled shoot.

When I’m working with models on a lifestyle photography shoots I often let them just chat away to each other, as I appear to be tweaking settings or instructing assistants, stylists or make-up artists. That way the models relax in the environment, whilst getting to know each other better. It is in these instants that I capture natural expressions and moments. Yes, often a strange mouth shape, hand gesture or wonky eye finds itself amongst the frames, but real natural gems are captured too. It’s all about seeing “it” before it happens and being ready for the perfect moment.

Lifestyle Photographers

I shoot many of my lifestyle images for Getty images. I create my own shoot ideas, which are based on market trends, research and years of inside knowledge that Getty shares with me. Once the shoot has been finalised, I design a brief for any models that have been hired, and arrange a date and location for the shoot to take place.

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