Videography is the new buzz word that seems to have replaced the term cinematography to describe the method of recording moving pictures through a variety of digital recording devices. Essentially the two terms mean the same thing with the only difference being the size of the crew involved in the production. Cinematographers typically work with a large crew and a videographer with a smaller crew, but here at DMP we work with a variety of crew sizes depending on the production and budget.

Introducing Lukasz. Lukasz is our head Videographer and all round techno Guru. He works on a wide range of digital projects for clients such as Bentley, Vauxhall, Triumph, Sunseeker, G-Tech, Vaillant, Shared Diaries, Harlequin, Morris and co, Anthology, Zoffany, Scion, HSBC, Philips, Ribena, Eizo, Kompania Piwowarska, JDD Furniture and Living Social. Lukasz also works on a variety of motion pictures for advertising agencies like McCann Erickson and BigDog.

Over the past five years of working together we’ve built up a great relationship that leans more towards friendship than business partners. We like to have fun and make our shoots relaxing not only for our clients and ourselves but for all involved too. With that said, meticulous planning is needed to get the job done on time and to meet our clients’ needs. Numerous days are therefore spent creating scripts, organising the team, arranging sets or locations, speaking with models, make up artists and stylists before we capture a single frame.

In comparison creating motion pictures is a little more pressured then taking still images, as there are a lot more spokes in the wheel – so to speak. To make video production run smoothly, good planning, great relationships and skilled creative ‘people who love what they do’ is a basic requirement and we have that in spades here at DMP.

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